on 23, Sep 2017
Although we are a nationally recognized art center and design college, we needed to development a strategy to introduce our name and brand to the art communities in close to thirty other states. One of our professors had dabbled in online marketing and was aware of Dr. Thornton successful reputation in the online marketing world. So, we approached Dr. Thornton at his new digital marketing agency, SEO Trust, and shared our dilemma, upon which he quickly developed a social media campaign that utilized video marketing and the results were amazing. Dr. David is a digital marketing genius and he seems to relish in challenges such as ours. Needless to say we gladly entered into a monthly contract with SEO Trust.
Dennis Wilson
on 19, Jan 2017
We just had SEO Trust optimize our website since we were barely showing up in google even after three years of having a website. The head guy over there, Dave, told us about "schema," and that we needed this code on our site, so I hired Dave to insert that code and fully optimize our site. Thank God I did since we went from the last listing on page 2 to page 1 on google in less than 10 days. I was so impressed, I hired SEO Trust to handle all our internet support and publicity on a monthly basis. I recommend Dave and SEO Trust.
Billy Barnes
on 18, Nov 2016
Thanks guys the website looks beautiful and I just saw all the cool looking channels you built for us on Facebook, Twitter, google plus, and the two others. Well worth the money, now I can't wait to see some sales from your seo stuff!!!!
Jerome Washington
on 23, Dec 2016
If you really want your business ranked at the top of the search engines and are looking to boost your image and get more customers and sales, then you need to call SEO Trust today! These guys were so confident they offered me a 100% guarantee, but I'm pretty sure no one's ever asked for their money back. In fact, I was so impressed with their results that I pay them every month now to keep working their SEO magic. That's how good they are. Cheers!
Dave Griffen
on 06, Feb 2017
As a general contractor in Los Angeles, I was never able to get my site to page one on Google no matter how many seo gigs I bought on Fiverr. SEO Trust sent me a quote over Thumbtack and it was a lot more money that buying gigs on Fiverr but I’ll be damn if Dave and his team didn’t get us to page one in less than 3 months…phone’s finally ringing!
Carlos Fuentes
on 28, Apr 2017
My husband and I own three retail clothing stores in the San Francisco area, and two in Orange County and recently decided to expand nationally, but knew we needed to grow our online presence. My husband knew that David was a successful internet marketer and that he recently offered his tricks of the trade to businesses like ours. Within three weeks of talking with David, his team at SEO Trust had all five of our stores on the first pages of both Google and Bing and was able to get these great review videos on those first pages as well. Our online sales have gone from less than 10% of our monthly gross to well over 25% in less than a month. David truly knows what he's doing and I can't wait to see the numbers for next month!
Diana Saunders
on 11, Jul 2017
I just started with SEO Trust about a week ago and even though Dr. Thornton and his staff just started making all their seo changes to my website, I just wanted to say that it has been a real pleasure to deal with a professional like Dr. Thornton.
Christopher Mann
on 03, Apr 2017
My partner and I own five separate ecommerce sites that specialize in iPhone accessories, cameras, watches, handbags, and computers that we sell as affiliates for Amazon and AliExpress and never realized the extent of the competition for all 5 of our ecommerce sites. We got a detailed proposal from SEO TRUST and after speaking with David we signed the contract and after about 2 months all 5 of our sites got to page 1 and I know David isn't finished yet!
Tim Corrasco
on 08, Aug 2017
I'm a new customer and SEO Trust just started working on my site so I can't really say anything yet about making more sales or anything, but I wanted to write a massive thank-you to Dr. Dave and the deal he gave me and for the two mobile apps he threw in our contract for free. Who does that kind of stuff anymore?
Joseph Sellers
on 29, Jun 2017
I had a retail website built by another company that cost me $1500 and took almost 3 months to build. I found SEO Trust on Thumbtack and David’s developers created an amazing site for me for only $700 and it only took a little less than 3 weeks. If you need a new website, call David and you will be happy with the results!
Kerry Adams
on 09, Jun 2017
Our law firm needed to increase our customer engagement and create multiple social sites for all four of our locations. SEO Trust was able to get each of our offices ranked at the top of Google within three weeks. Our previous SEO guys couldn’t even get us on the first page of Google after paying them for well over three months. Thanks to Dr. David, our online traffic and our foot traffic have drastically increased. I highly recommend Dr. David and his team at SEO Trust.
Paul Landers
on 30, Jan 2017
Our company hired Dr. David and SEO Trust to promote all five of our restaurants in Southern California and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. All five of our restaurants are now at the top of google and have outranked all of our competitors. In addition, Dr. David produced two professional review videos that were of such great quality that we are running them as television commercials in the local cable market. SEO Trust gave us excellent value with excellent results!
Robert Smith
on 28, Nov 2016
My wife and I have a Shopify site for clothing accessories and it wasn't getting the kind of traffic we wanted even after paying hundreds of dollars a month for Adwords, so we sent out a request on Thumbtack and got a proposal from SEO Trust. I first thought it was too much money but was impressed with David's plan to use local type keywords so we signed up and now we are showing up in google for all ten of the local words. After about 6 weeks our sales improved and now we are getting a lot more customers from google (more than Adwords) thanks to David and his local seo techniques.
Kerry Mann
on 08, Oct 2017
Even though my office shares media buys with Coldwell Banker corporate, I wanted to ensure that our office and all of our individual realtors were able to capture all the inquires that came from the internet. First off, it was clear that we needed to redo our entire website and graphics and then figure out a way to get google to love us. This is where SEO Trust entered the picture and took over our entire online operation, including our social media campaigns and realtor videos. Dr. David had us agree to a lot of changes, but once we got back online with the new mediums from SEO Trust, our online traffic and even our foot traffic increased by well over 30%. If you’re looking for real SEO changes, social media growth, and the production of some amazingly powerful videos, then you need Doc and his SEO Trust.
Tim Cushman
on 26, Aug 2017
My company needed to update our original website to a more attractive, professional, and high functioning website that would allow us to compete in the local market and on the national stage. Their first mockup design was amazing, in fact is was everything we wanted and needed. We are so grateful for Thumbtack and how it led us to SEO Trust. David is now handling our seo needs and we are already ranking on the first page for about ten local keywords and four nationally highly competitive keywords. Best choice we made in 2017 was to hire SEO Trust!
Jeffrey Holland
on 20, Jan 2018
Dave's team designed a great website for our law office and even though our office is located in the heart of Chicago, Dave was able to rank our new website on the first page of Google in less than two months for six different keywords related to our practice. Dave even got us #1 in Google Maps after just three weeks. Yes, I gladly recommend Dave and his company, SEO Trust.
Peter Jorgenson
on 13, Feb 2018
Thanks for the great looking website! We are getting compliments all the time from our B&B guests. Thank you for breathing life back into our B&B.
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