When it comes to holding the attention of today’s consumer, a professionally produced video is the ultimate choice.

Videos generate far more views and engagement than any other form of online advertising. If used correctly, video can be an extremely powerful form of content and make a significant contribution to your overall SEO strategy, in more ways than one.

Although a lot of brands are incorporating video content into their overall online marketing strategies, most SEO agencies and digital marketing services don’t place a high priority on it, instead they opt for creating various other types of stale content. However, SEO Trust places a high priority on marketing quality videos across the internet.

Therefore, SEO Trust will create video content that facilitates the decision-making process when customers visit your site to research your products and/or services. The video content will be crafted with search value, which will make the video more likely to rank in both Google and YouTube. This technique is called Video Search Engine Optimization or (VSEO). Each video can include moving text, graphics, music, voice over and animation.






Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing


  1. Video Increases Conversions and Sales

Videos can produce pretty impressive results. Including a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

Studies demonstrate that 74% of clients who viewed an explainer video about a product usually ended up buying.

Looking at this logically, the effectiveness of video is not that shocking. All things considered, vision is our most overwhelming sense. After all, most data transmitted to our brain is visual.

  1. Video Shows Great ROI

76% of organizations report that video gives great return on investment. Despite the fact that video creation is not yet the most straightforward nor least expensive task, it pays off. Also, online video editing tools are always improving and becoming more accessible. What’s more, even your cell phone can make cool videos these days.

The content of your video is important. Most recent research demonstrates that clients are, for the most part, put off by videos that aren’t clear enough about the product or services they are promoting.

  1. Video Builds Trust

Trust is vital for conversions and sales. In fact, building trust ought to be an objective all on its own. The entire idea of content marketing relies on trust, and making long-term connections. 

Video has proved very influential when it comes to building trust, and YouTubers have turned into the most capable social media figures when it comes to advancing a brand.

Promotional videos can cultivate trust, and while a few customers are still wary about purchasing items and services on the web, many are embracing this powerful marketing tool.

  1. Google Loves Videos

Videos permit you to extend the time spent by guests on your site. Along these lines, longer exposure builds trust and familiarity, signaling to search engines that your site has great content.

Since Google now claims YouTube, there has been a huge increment on how much videos influence your search engine rank.

Why You Need SEO Trust for Your Video Marketing Needs

Our online video marketing services give organizations video production, optimization and promotion. Video marketing permits companies to communicate their message in one deliverable on different levels, reaching a very large audience with less cost and the briefest measure of time.

Our marketing team ensure that your video is optimized in view of your focused keywords, resulting in the most powerful results. We can assist with writing a script, representation, pictures, voice-over talent and other media in light of the digital content you provide. Alternatively, we can improve a video that is already in existence to ensure it performs perfectly.

Once the video is made, we distribute it to YouTube and a number of other well-known video websites.


Advantages of SEO Trust Video Marketing

Depending on the keyword phrase, we are successful at ensuring your video is positioned on page one of Google. If you already have a video, we can advance it further and disperse it for more ideal results.

Google recognizes new and engaging content, so video marketing is the perfect method for getting your message to your target audience across the web.

Different advantages of video marketing include:

  • Simple utilization
  • Appealing to the senses
  • Connects with consumer feelings
  • Shows mastery and builds trust
  • Easy to convey brand messages and holds consumer attention

How SEO Trust Video Marketing Services Work

In the wake of distinguishing your business’ marketing needs, we will make proposals of how you can extend and enhance your marketing campaign, including ways you can utilize video search to publicize your business on the web.

Video marketing isn’t for everybody and there may be simple, more powerful approaches to reach your potential customers.

All organizations have distinctive needs with a specific end goal to accomplish the basics of enhanced execution, whether it be higher search engine rankings, a bigger client base, or more noteworthy income.

Begin building up an internet marketing plan now and ensure you stand out from the competition, and capture those who are searching for your product or service.  

Get in touch with us today by filling out the request form on the SEO Trust website, and a member of our friendly, experienced team will be in touch soon.

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