Pushing high quality content and sharing information through social media creates ample opportunities for customer and follower engagement.

Leveraging social platforms increases site traffic due to increased visibility and sharing of content that readers are interested in. Therefore, the importance of an active and thorough social media presence is becoming increasingly apparent to companies spanning startup through enterprise.

The good news? Through social media it’s easier than ever to have a conversation with your target audience through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular platforms. Providing a steady flow of engaging posts will help you build a solid fan base by providing useful advice, industry related updates as well as a chance to respond to those occasional, but valid concerns.

The bad news? Ignore this conversation and those valid concerns can escalate into bitter negativity toward your brand. It sounds easy enough. But the Internet never sleeps and monitoring and managing across all of the major social media platforms can be a full time job.

As a full service social media agency, SEO Trust will offer as little or as much help as you need.

However, consistent efforts WILL make a positive difference.


Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google , and Pinterest are the most frequented on the internet.

Launching an internet marketing campaign to place your brand on such sites, is an open door not to be missed.

Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS SEO Trust Social Media Marketing

You may not be aware that social media marketing has a 100% higher prompt-to-close rate than outbound advertising. In fact, 84% of B2B advertisers utilize online networking in some form, and regardless of what you offer or who you offer it to, utilizing social media as a key marketing tool is essential to your brand development.

Not having a dynamic and active social media presence is somewhat like pulling out a flip phone at a meeting, and then not understanding why your manager gives a colleague all the new accounts…

OK, so there are still people who love their flip phones, and question the use of social media marketing. If you’re still asking the question – “Do I really require social media”? then read on.

The Importance of Social Media for Web Traffic

  1. Social media posts can be utilized to drive targeted traffic to your site. Creating a social media site is a little bit like taking an awesome selfie – you want the world to see it, but you’d rather not ask, beg or pay for attention. Well-placed social media posts can have a huge impact, and posts uploaded to Reddit or StumbleUpon can often receive hundreds and thousands of guests per day, as opposed to if the same post was simply on a company website or landing page.
  1. Utilizing social media for business helps a website’s overall SEO performance. Search engines know which pages are reliably winning movement from browsers, as opposed to those being overlooked and disregarded. A killer content methodology for SEO is the most vital tool in procuring top spots in search engine rankings, yet directing people to your optimized pages will make them climb much speedier in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

SEO Trust Social Media Marketing Services Will:

  • Help to captivate the huge audiences using social media each day.
  • Provide greater opportunity for visitor engagement
  • Drive prospects and clients to your call-to-action pages
  • Advertise your product or services in a more individual manner
  • Provides a platform to improve overall client service, ultimately building client loyalty.
  • Provide understanding to consumers, about your products or services.

SEO Trust Social Media Strategy Development

Once a specific end goal has been decided, we perform a top to bottom analysis of your brand including keyword research. Remembering your objectives and your opposition, we make a complete online networking methodology that incorporates social mention overview and suggestions, clout review, website-specific social system (Facebook/Twitter etc.), and topic suggestions. You will benefit from an executable plan and procedure that will work to uncover your brand across various platforms.  

SEO Trust Social Media Setup

Facebook and Twitter are, obviously, the two social sharing sites that first ring a bell. In any case, is your brand on Google and Pinterest? These two sites are seeing high development and may prove to be fabulous open doors for engagement and directing people to your site. Envision photographs of your product being shared by various clients with a link back to your site. Pinterest has turned out to be a genuine help for brands and e-commerce websites. 

SEO Trust Social Media Maintenance

As soon as your social media channels are set up, it’s time to begin interacting. We can do this for you. We take an interest in each of your brand’s social media profiles, creating content that reflects your brand image effectively. From connecting with others on the platform, to working up your profile as an authority, you will see your ‘reach’ developing. Posting photographs and videos, making inquiries, running contests, surveying, sharing interesting industry news, and highlighting items and services are just some of the ways we empower engagement on your profiles.

Reporting and Statistics

It’s important to know whether your social media efforts are working effectively, as part of your overall online marketing strategy. As a feature of managing your social media accounts, you will get broad reports that give information, navigation rates, and much more. You’ll have the capacity to see our attempts in real-life, the work of your brand advocates, and in-depth statistics to reflect the work carried out.

Ready to start social media marketing? Contact SEO Trust today.


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