If you don’t already have an app for your local business then you are missing out on an opportunity to get one step ahead of the competition.

There has come a drastic change in the world of the web. Users are becoming more gadget-friendly. Thanks to mobile access of the Internet, many things have become much easier. Whether it’s downloading a new social networking app, shopping for clothing, spending time on news portals, paying games, or booking movie tickets, Smartphones have taken over the mantle of desktops.

Therefore, with such an inclination towards mobile phones, businesses taking interest in mobile apps is an obvious thing. Businesses harnessing the power of mobile phones have become an absolute must in order to achieve online success. This article explores different reasons why your business should consider becoming mobile-friendly.

Mobile apps let your customers shop for products from anywhere. The moment you update your app, it will automatically reflect in the downloading process. In addition, you can let your customers know about attractive discounts and offers by communicating these messages through mobile apps.

Owning a custom mobile apps creation company, Mobile Pro Apps, Dr. David Thornton understands the absolute necessity for every online and offline business to have their own mobile app, ensuring every customer would be carrying a miniature version of your SEO optimized website on their phone in the form of a mobile app. While an excellent resource for traffic and brand recognition, a custom mobile app would allow you to communicate with your customers whenever you wish via push technology.


SEO Trust is a well-established mobile application (app) development company with many successful projects completed for clients in various industries.

SEO Trust’s talent pool of mobile application developers incorporates experienced and gifted analysts, UX specialists and programming engineers. Able to build applications varying in complexity, the SEO Trust team have experience of developing applications for all major platforms including iOs, Android or Windows Phone.

Applications can be created locally, or by utilizing cross-stage systems and stages, for example, PhoneGap or Xamarin.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

  1. Be Visible to Customers at All Times

Research shows that the typical American spends over two hours a day on his or her cell phone. While the greater part of this total usage is most likely made up of a modest bunch of applications, it doesn’t change the fact that every user needs to open, scroll and scan their applications for the application they are searching for.

Being “in the way” or strategically visible can be extremely favorable for a brand, with a user’s mind unconsciously recording each picture or piece of content it runs over. 

  1. Creates a Direct Marketing Channel

Applications serve many functions, whether giving general information, costs, booking forms, search features, access to client accounts, messengers or even newsfeeds, so create a direct marketing channel to consumers.

The great thing about a portable application, is that all data is instantly accessible by clients – at their fingertips! Through push notifications, you are creating something of a direct interaction with clients, reminding them about products and services you provide and conveying extraordinary deals or offers.

  1. Give Value to Your Customers

Rewarding loyalty steps up to a whole new level with a mobile app, essentially digitalizing the traditional loyalty programs that are so important to businesses and their customers. Rather than using traditional point-collection cards, apps make it easier for clients to claim their rewards on their mobile devices, resulting in more downloads and more return clients. 

  1. Build Brand and Recognition

Brand awareness and recognition is essential for a business to succeed. Let’s take a look at the two areas separately…

Brand – A mobile app has the potential to act as something of a blank billboard sign, giving you the option to do what you wish with it, whether upscale, hip, useful, stunning, or instructive. It’s essential to create an app that includes the features needed by clients, and a format and look that captures and holds attention.

Recognition – As clients are encouraged to access the app more frequently, the potential for sales also increases alongside. This is known as “effective frequency” in advertising, and as a dependable guide, observing or hearing about a brand 20 times is what will get a brand truly noticed.

Key Areas of SEO Trust Mobile App Development Expertise

iOS App Development

Our iOS talent pool assembles captivating applications, enterprise mobile solutions and games that connect, to ensure customers achieve the very best results from an iOS investment.

Android App Development

Our team establish capable, usable Android applications that tackle business issues, draw and attract clients, and further fortify your brand.

Cross-Platform Development

Cut both improvement and support costs with cross-platform applications. Our team create cross-platform apps that work consistently on iOS and Android devices.

How a Successful Mobile App Development Project Works

Choosing the right way to develop a mobile app is a basic achievement factor that can easily make or break a project. SEO Trust mobile app engineers commonly utilize an agile, low-risk mobile development system that has a demonstrated achievement record and guarantees fast results with 100% visibility.

From a client’s perspective, the way we work has five key advantages:


Fast Results

In today’s fast paced, digital world, time is of the essence. Our team reduce the time to market taken by make of our competitors, and our incremental software development and quick prototyping ensure you’ll get working results quicker.


100% Straightforwardness

A key advantage of being a client of SEO Trust, is the control you have over your project. You’ll not only be kept right up to speed about the status of your project, but also be able to add vital input to ensure it’s right for you. To ensure all parties are in agreement, our mobile app engineers use day-by-day status reports, meetings and Skype calls, email updates and on-site visits.


Better Quality

We use persistent testing techniques, ensuring any programming bugs are found and fixed in the early stages. To maintain the general level of value throughout the project lifecycle, every release received thorough testing, with client feedback contributing to future upgrades and improvements.


We Focus on Business

Our mobile app engineers use feature-centric methodology, with any business-critical features developed first. Change requests are taken care of rapidly, and a key focus on driving consumer sales is maintained throughout.

Strong Assurance

Warranty provisions are incorporated into every agreement we sign, to make every project as risk-free as possible. This ensure that your mobile app will be developed inside the time and budget constraints specified, as well as accommodating a 6-month warranty period to eradicate any defects that are found after project completion.

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