The SEO IMPACT campaign package is designed to jumpstart your rankings and generate local organic traffic from major search engines and from multiple social media platforms.

$1,000One Time



The purpose of this SEO IMPACT campaign is to dramatically increase the amount of targeted traffic to our Client’s website through higher rankings in major search engines like Google, and to increase their user engagement and brand awareness from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google , and YouTube. This will be accomplished by 1) properly optimizing our Client’s website 2) building the authority of our Client’s website in the eyes of the major search engines and 3) executing an effective social media campaign designed to boost our Client’s online visibility and sustain user engagement.

Our SEO IMPACT campaign will consist of the four following phases:

  1. Site Review
  2. Site Strategy
  3. Site Optimization
  4. Social Media Optimization

The goals of this SEO IMPACT campaign:

  1. Increase conversions, leads, and sales
  2. Increase targeted traffic
  3. Higher rankings in search engines
  4. Increase brand awareness


The first step of this campaign will be a thorough review of our Client’s entire website. We want to know and understand every detail of their website so we can leverage all of our Client’s strengths and improve all of our Client’s weaknesses. The SEO Trust team will review our Client’s company, competitors, and customers; as well as identify all strategies and challenges for this SEO IMPACT campaign.

Site Review Tasks:

  • Thorough review of company, competitors, customers; define all goals
  • Complete website audit and individual web page audits
  • Competitor website audit and web page audits (high ranking sites only)
  • Keyword research, analysis, and selection
  • Google analytics review
  • Verify and review schema
  • Verify and test site as mobile responsive
  • Review social media channels
  • Verify and review Google maps profile
  • Verify and review Google business profile
  • Verify and review Bing business profile


During this phase of the SEO IMPACT campaign we will develop an in-depth content, optimization, and conversion strategy to achieve all goals that were listed under “Executive Summary.”

Site Strategy Tasks:

  • Team brainstorming sessions
  • Develop baseline report
  • Develop on-page optimization strategy
    1. Optimize title tag
    2. Optimize META tags
    3. Optimize schema
    4. Create Google Webmaster and Google Analytics accounts
  • Develop off-page optimization strategy
    1. Search engine submission
    2. Classified submissions
    3. Local directory submissions
    4. Local business listings
    5. Map profiles
  • Develop unique creative content for link building strategy
    1. Write unique articles to submit
    2. Write unique material for blog posts
    3. Write unique material for social bookmarks
  • Set goals (traffic, primary conversions, secondary conversions)
  • Identify all key phrases and targeted landing pages
  • Identify key metrics of success (user flow, analytic goal setting, etc)


The purpose of Site Optimization is to make sure your website and landing pages are properly optimized for the major search engines by carefully executing the approved strategy brief.

Site Optimization Tasks:

  • Execute on-page optimization strategy
    1. Install optimized title tag and meta tags
    2. Install and validate schema
    3. Install Google Webmaster and Google Analytics tracking codes
  • Execute off-page optimization strategy
    1. Search engine submissions
    2. Classified submissions
    3. Local directory submissions
    4. Local business listings
    5. Map profile submissions
  • Submit unique creative content to obtain 1st tier links to website
    1. 5 permanent high domain authority pbn blog posts
    2. 10 high domain authority web 2.0 property submissions
    3. 20 high quality social bookmarking posts
    4. 20 high DA (domain authority) social profiles
    5. 10 niche related blog comments
    6. 10 high DA (domain authority) edu/gov links
    7. 1 PA (page authority) 28 tumblr blog posts
    8. 1 PA (page authority) 35 tumblr blog posts
    9. 1 high authority guest postings
  • Submit unique creative content to obtain 2nd tier links that point to 1st tier posts
    1. 500 tier 2 profile links drip fed to google indexer
    2. 500 tier 2 contextual backlinks drip fed to google indexer
    3. 300 tier 2 social bookmark links drip fed to google indexer


While our expert search engine optimization service ensures our Client’s website ranks at the top of the search engines, Social Media Optimization provides powerful backlinks to their website, increases their online visibility, and enhances their brand awareness, with an end result of increased user engagement and conversions. Please note that we build all our 1st tier and 2nd tier links from actual human created social and video sharing accounts that we continue to grow and nurture over time. Our link building and indexing mimic human behavior, we do not use robots or link farms.

Social Media Optimization Tasks:

  • Review of approved strategy brief
  • Execute video marketing strategy
    1. Produce a professional review video from an actual review
      1. Upload professional review video to client’s YouTube channel
      2. Submit professional review video to over 60 YouTube RSS feeds
      3. Ping and index professional review video and RSS links to google
      4. Embed professional review video on high authority video sharing sites
      5. Syndicate professional review video to high authority social media sites
      6. Index all video syndication and embed links via a 10 day drip feed to google
    2. Create 2 YouTube live events on 1 high ranking YouTube channel
      1. Produce and stream video content during all 2 live events
      2. Syndicate YouTube live event links to high authority web 2.0 accounts
      3. Index all syndicated live event links to via a 10 day drip feed to google
    3. Produce 1 hi-definition commercial video logo intro to enhance brand awareness
    4. Produce 1 hi-definition commercial video logo outro to enhance brand awareness
  • Submit one nationwide press release and video to all major media news organizations
    1. Ping all press release links from print, television, radio, and online media outlets
    2. Index all press release links from print, television, radio, and online media outlets to google
  • Execute social media sharing strategy to build page authority
    1. 2 shares from each of the following 18 social media platforms: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Pinterest Pins, Reddit, StumbleUpon, folkd, Google , Tumblr, Saven’keep, Plurk, Delicious, Slash.Dot, Pearltrees, DeviantArt, Raptr.


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