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Southern California’s affordable and trusted solution for online success

About Us

We are a nationally recognized SEO agency providing sophisticated marketing services for small and mid-sized companies, from international enterprise corporations to technology startups, and e-commerce businesses across the country and abroad.

We utilize industry leading SEO strategies and methodologies, while leveraging advanced technology platforms to help our clients achieve aggressive results. We have a proven track record of success in competitive verticals and remain committed to adding value to our clients’ digital marketing campaigns through creativity, dedication, and an unparalleled desire to be the best at what we do.

Our mission at SEO Trust is to provide unparalleled creative design and internet marketing services to our clients. We take pride in delivering extraordinary and maintainable results that allow our clients to reach their goals. We offer high performance strategies that empower our clients to drive business and increase their market share through increased online visibility.


As the former president of a nationally renown cancer research organization and founder and president of a nonprofit medical research foundation, David tried unsuccessfully for a few years to create an online business. However, it was not until he discovered the need to be mentored by an online traffic expert, did David find financial success as a top Internet Marketer.

Under the umbrella of Thornton Enterprises, LLC, David invested his time and resources into the creation and promotion of legitimate work from home opportunities, while equipping and training individuals from around the world that sought out his mentoring expertise. While enjoying his success as one of the internet’s top leading affiliate marketers, David saw the need to bring quality, yet affordable, marketing tools to the online community.

However, the constant calls from strangers with no idea how to generate traffic, the steady stream of emails pleading with David to share or sell his “secrets,” and even the outrageous amounts of money being offered for his private coaching, filled David with the overwhelming desire to provide a solution to those that truly hunger for online success. Thus the founding of SEO Trust, where business owners, both large and small, along with individual marketers, receive unparalleled creative design and extraordinary marketing services, ensuring each client reaches their goals. And yes, they even benefit from David’s “secrets.”


SEO Trust is Southern California’s most sought-after SEO company, providing affordable and trusted solutions for online success.

About Us

An eclectic mix of creativity, knowledge and experience.

Here at SEO Trust we are passionate about what we do. We have an unrelenting drive to help brands and businesses to stand out from the competition, through our inventive vision, technical experience and devotion to our work. We combine our creativity with digital marketing knowledge, to create eye-catching campaigns and find solutions that appeal to each target audience. In the ever-changing world that is digital marketing, SEO Trust remains one step ahead of the competition.

About Us

Working for today. Planning for tomorrow.

Whenever we meet with new clients, we ensure they are fully aware that today’s issues won’t be the same issue tomorrow, and it certainly won’t be the same in a year’s time. This is because by its very nature, the online world is changing each and every day. While business never appreciates uncertainty, our experience, viewpoint, systematic process and tools helps businesses to prepare and adapt as times change.

About Us

Why Choose SEO Trust?

Collectively, we have a wealth of experience in delivering search marketing services for businesses and organizations of all sizes, and from a range of industries.

We are passionate about imparting our knowledge to help clients succeed.We are passionate about communication and long-term relationships with our clients, regularly reviewing our work and online performance. We are creative, innovative and think outside the box. We are business people and understand the importance of a return on investment for clients. We have built up our own in-house devices and tools that can aid proposals, campaign optimization and results. We have built up our own in-house devices that empower us to center our mastery on proposals and optimization. We are an ethical company that works to high standards. We apply a realistic, affordable, straightforward and responsible approach to each and every campaign. The SEO Trust Approach to Digital Marketing:

About Us


At SEO Trust, we are dedicated to producing high quality, consistent content that positions a brand exactly where it needs to be. Ensuring a brand is exposed in the right places, to the right audience is essential for any online campaign to be effective. The Optimize 360 model takes things further, placing a brand’s content in front of the most ideal audience, and answering demands and needs. This intelligent optimization helps to present a brand to an audience that may not even have been previously aware of them. Foreseeing client needs can be extremely lucrative, and at SEO Trust, we help clients to reveal and open these potentially profitable doors.

About Us


Once an audience is attracted to your brand, it’s time to engage them further. SEO Trust creates content that engages online prospects, remains in their mind, and encourages long term relationships to thrive. During the engagement phase, tools such as social media, blogging and mailing communications are readily used by the SEO Trust team.

About Us


So why do more prospects convert successfully with our Optimize 360 model?

Optimize 360 helps brands to take things further, building on the engagement phase and creating further intrigue in their basic decision-making process. This is the phase in which relevant, correct data or information is vital to ‘close the deal’. Ensuring the content is optimized for a range of devices, is relevant and succinct, and continues to answer client needs is where the Optimize 360 places clients in the best possible position for potential conversions.

According to your business type, the conversion may be a deal, a lead, or even a download, so SEO Trust takes time to understand exactly how your business works, so you get the results you’re looking for.

SEO Trust takes things further, looking ahead to changing consumer needs, competitor activity and seasonal trends, to maintain conversions to an optimum level.

**The Attract, Engage and Convert model is effective as it follows the principles of business. We take the time to comprehend – and help you comprehend – who your audience is, what they are looking for, where they are, and how they make their purchasing decisions.



If a Client is not completely satisfied with the results of SEO Trust’s services within thirty (30) days after completion of the agreed services, SEO Trust will refund the current payment, minus any fees paid to an outside third party.


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